Episode 48 - A Shelley & Linda Rewind - Season 3 Finale

We wind up Season 3 with a look back on some of our favorite moments.  We highlight how to keep positive and thrifty while in transition, why consider franchising, give updates on what’s new in branding and networking and finish off with a few snippets from our series on Landing a New Job with Betsy, Jelena and Prem.

Have a productive and networkful summer and we’ll be back with Season 4 in the Fall.

Episode 46 - Starting a New Job... Mindset Change

We continue our series on landing a new job with our guests, Betsy, Jelena and Prem who share how they adjusted their attitudes and expectations around their jobs and careers. We explore:

  • One’s mindset when starting a new job after being severed

  • How career development priorities may change

  • Having an “always on” attitude (i.e., always keeping an eye out for other options, keeping connected to recruiters, etc)

  • One’s attitude in their connection to a new company after a job loss

Episode 44: Networking Refresh

In this episode, we have a discussion with one of our returning guests, Scotty who gave us an update on what is new in the networking world.  In Season 1, we did a robust series on networking so check out our past episodes 17 through 21 and refer to our website www.overfiftyandfiredup.com and click on OFF Toolkit for all of our tools and people references.

So...Get Out There… Build Relationships… and Utilize Technology to find that opportunity!

Episode 40 - Harness the Emotions When Changing Careers

In this episode, we discuss how to harness and deal with the emotions when changing careers.  Although many people would like to change their careers, 40% report not knowing what career they’d like to change to and 37% feel they have insufficient qualifications to change according to a 2013 Harris Pole. To boot, 57% of those same respondents cite the lack the financial security as a barrier to switching careers.  So changing careers can be a stressful and emotional event, listen in to how we’ve dealt with it and tips to consider.

Don’t let your emotions keep you from a career change, learn how to harness those emotions.

Episode 39 - Making a Career Dream a Reality

Only 14% of US workers think they have the perfect job, and half would like to change their careers which is from 2013 Harris Pole. If you’re one of those people that might think there is a better career out there, this episode can get you started in your assessment to make your career dream a reality.   We cover off on Nine Nifty Notes to consider when making a career change. Check out our O.F.F. Toolkit for a summary of those Nine Nifty Notes.  

Episode 38 - Being Thrifty in Transition

In this episode, we review 10 tips on how to be thrifty. And why is that important?  Because it may take you while to find a new position that will provide you with a salary and benefits that reflect your experience. Typically for every 10,000 of salary, its take one month of job searching. So save those pennies and prioritize those items that are “need to have” versus “nice to have.”

Episode 37 - Keep the Momentum - Season 3 Opener

In this episode, learn why we are now FIRED UP and how we are keeping the momentum. Our guest Scotty talked about how to keep that momentum going through networking. It’s all about organizing and socializing. We have also been pacing ourselves which has helped us.  We took the time to re-brand, since we’re in a different place and mindset to Over Fifty and Fired-UP! We’ve moved on.

Episode 36 - A Shelley & Linda Rewind - Season 2 Finale

In this episode, we rewind back to highlight our discussions and key principles on job boards, interviewing, salary negotiations and consulting. We also highlight the experiences of two of our listeners, Joanna and Suzy who give us some great stories and golden nuggets around consulting.  We'd love to hear your stories and feedback so please use the “Contact Us” on our website or just email us at offnowwhat@gmailcom.

This is our last episode of Season 2 as we take a break for the Holidays and the New Year.  Use the Winter break to catch up on our episodes or relisten to some of your favorites.

Remember to check out on our website www.overfiftyandfired.com 1) O.F.F Toolkit which provides the links and resources we refer to in our podcast; and 2) O.F.F. Wine Recommendations, both Reds and Whites now!

We’ll be back in February with two new series on changing careers and franchising.

And as always, Thanks for Listening -- Bye!

Episode 34 - Consulting 103 - 8 Steps to Independent Consulting

In this episode, we lucked out and one of our favorite One-O.F.F. guests, Suzy who last week talked about turning a passion into an independent consulting opportunity was able to extend her visit for us to get a few more pearls of wisdom.  Suzy boils down what were the key 8 steps that helped her take an opportunity for independent consulting into a completed project and how she set her up for success for the next one.

Episode 33 - Consulting - 102 - Leveraging Your Passion

So do you have a talent, interest, or passion. Well it might just be a means to a job opportunity and career. In this episode, we discuss how to leverage a passion to create an independent consulting business.  We're lucky to have one of our favorite One-O.F.F. guests, Suzy to talk about her experience in creating this opportunity for herself.  Maybe you too have a passion that can turn into career experience!

Episode 32 - Consulting 101 - Leveraging Your Expertise

Having experience gives you options, one of which is consulting.  We discuss with our guest Joanna, on how to leverage your expertise to consult, whether you’re a sole proprietor of your own business or working in an established company.  We discuss how to establish those all important networks to developing proposals and much more.

Check out our O.F.F. Toolkit for 1) a list of agencies who act as a resource to connect experts / consultants with companies who are looking for specific expertise.  These engagements could range from just a one hour consult to a long term project; 2) a list of questions that any consultant should be ready to answer and give examples during their client engagement.

Episode 31 - Building Your Own Business - Entrepreneurship

Why consider striking out on your own or with partners versus seeking a position in the current job market?   We discuss seven advantages of building your own business and becoming an entrepreneur.

It can be a scary proposition to create your own business but it might be an alternative way to achieve your career and personal goals.  Plus you can always continue to look for that dream job while doing contract projects, putting those years of experience to work for you in the meantime.  Who knows, you might even love it and turn into a full-time business!

Check out our O.F.F. Toolkit for a list of those 7 considerations.

Episode 30 - Show me the Money: Salary Negotiations

Don’t sell yourself short and be proud of your experience when tackling salary negotiations.  

We hope to help our listeners, not leave any money on the table by covering seven tactics from Phil Reeve, an executive recruiter. We bring our own unique experience to the discussion.  

Refer to our O.F.F. Toolkit for a link to Reeve and Associates and a list of the 7 salary negotiation tactics.