Job Loss - This Shit Is Not Easy

In this week's podcast, we discuss further about our journey to navigate job loss focusing on the up and down emotions that immediately follow and what helped us to get through the transition: resume writing, checklist development, changing technology, and building a support system.

Leaving our internal networks, connection, projects and work behind leaves you with a roller coast effect of emotions.  But focusing on some immediate actions helped us the rougher spots.

Getting started right away from dusting off one's resume to a full resurrection allows you to take the first step towards moving on.  We go over some tips and tricks to consider when getting your resume ready for the external world. 

Checklists are a terrific way to keep you focused and emotionally sane by giving you goals and actions when checked off give you a sense of accomplishment and forward movement.

With a help of a "buddy" or friends and family to share what you're experiencing keeps you in a positive frame of mind, especially through the low moments during the transition.