Episode 36 - A Shelley & Linda Rewind - Season 2 Finale

In this episode, we rewind back to highlight our discussions and key principles on job boards, interviewing, salary negotiations and consulting. We also highlight the experiences of two of our listeners, Joanna and Suzy who give us some great stories and golden nuggets around consulting.  We'd love to hear your stories and feedback so please use the “Contact Us” on our website or just email us at offnowwhat@gmailcom.

This is our last episode of Season 2 as we take a break for the Holidays and the New Year.  Use the Winter break to catch up on our episodes or relisten to some of your favorites.

Remember to check out on our website www.overfiftyandfired.com 1) O.F.F Toolkit which provides the links and resources we refer to in our podcast; and 2) O.F.F. Wine Recommendations, both Reds and Whites now!

We’ll be back in February with two new series on changing careers and franchising.

And as always, Thanks for Listening -- Bye!