Branding: Personal Reflection - A Great Place to Start

We are starting a series on branding and before you can create your brand it’s good to take a step back and reflect.  What is it that you really want from life both professionally and personally and how it all fits together.

In this episode, we talk about personal reflection with one of our listeners who shares their experience and what worked for them.  We’re calling these listener segments: ONE OFFs. The key technique that helped Suzy Gladys was a personal casita (little house in Spanish) which she adopted from her work experience.

Personal Casita -- Visual Representation of Your Personal Strategic Plan which includes:

  • Roof: Your Vision Statement

  • Structure: Your Key Strategies

  • Pillars: You r Areas of Focus and Activities Holding Up Your Structure

Click on "O.F.F. Toolkit" in our website navigation bar for a visual and more info on how to use a Personal Casita.