Episode 22 - A Shelley & Linda Rewind - Season 1 Finale

This is our last episode of Season 1 as we take a break for the summer.  But we won’t be completely podcast silent.  We’ll be providing sneak previews of Season 2 and of course continuing our wine recommendations but this time focusing on some nice refreshing white wines.

In this episode, we rewind back to highlight key lessons learned and discuss the progress we’ve made on our journey. We also highlight our listeners who have appeared on past episodes and sent us their stories and golden nuggets.

We'd love to hear your stories and feedback so please use the contact us on our website or just email us at offnowwhat@gmail.com.  Use the summer break to catch up on our episodes or re-listen to some of your favorites.  Remember to check out our O.F.F Toolkit and Wine Recommendation on our website. 

And as always, Thanks for Listening -- Bye!