Episode 15 - O.F.F Tales of Pink Slips and Goodbyes

In this episode we recount four stories from our listeners.  Two of the stories are about how their respective companies delivered the message of their restructuring.  The other two stories focus on the final days at work and how it affected them. These experiences can be very difficult and we hope that their stories show that you’re not alone and you can overcome them. No matter what, you need to stay positive and remember, when one door closes a better one opens. Find your mantra, like Janet:  redefine FEAR, Face Everything And Rise.

Episode 14 - Branding: So What is Executive Presence and Up-credentialing?

In this episode we continue our discussion branding by focusing on Executive Presence and Up Credentialing. So everyone maybe wondering, what hell is Executive Presence and Up-credentialing.  So what do you mean by them?

Executive Presence -- it’s really all about how you make others feel and how you create a persona that make them feel good about spending time with you and smart about hiring you into their organization.  In this episode, we cover the seven essentials of presence.

Up-credentialing-- is about securing your relevance, ensuring that you have something to offer the current marketplace.  Things are changing rapidly so how will your skill sets fit into today’s marketplace? Check out our OFF Toolkit for some great reference materials.

Listen in to learn more on Executive Presence and Up-credentialing.

Episode 13 - Branding: Linked in, Your Viral Profile to the World

In this episode we continue our discussion on branding focused on your Linkedin Profile which now, is your broad-based first impression to the world. Linkedin is such a big part of your job search, career development, and business promotion these days.  It's really important to get it right and we discuss in our podcast what are some of those critical elements for success.

Branding: Marketing Plan - What Makes You, You; What Makes You, Unique?

In this episode, we provide you with another OFF-Shoot segment which focuses on the elements of a good marketing plan.  Your marketing plan should be a concise one pager that provides clarity of who you are and your value equation. Elements of the a good plan should include:

  • Elevator Speech -- paragraph that descriptions who you are and what you can uniquely bring to any opportunity

  • List of your core, key skills

  • List of most recent professional experience - one liners that provide a quick snapshot of your career

  • Education

  • Names of Target Companies and Target Positions

Listen to our podcast to find out more about each marketing plan element and how it can be used.

Branding - Five Key Principles to Remember and Help You on Your Journey

We discuss the five key principles of Branding.  One of our colleagues helped us to distill these down to some key marketing pillars which include:

  1. Don’t Do This by Yourself  

  2. First Impressions are Everything

  3. Self-assessment is Foundational to Building your Brand

  4. Branding, What is Unique and Memorable about You

  5. Networking is NOT an Activity but a Capability

An author that our colleague found very helpful is Dorie Clark.  She has written and posted extensively on personal branding. You can find her on YouTube and Ted Talks.

Branding: Resumes - When the Rubber Hits the Road

In this episode we continue the branding series, with another One OFFs segment with Suzy and how she took a strategic approach to creating and managing her resumes.We learned that resumes need to be fluid and evergreen, only needing  tweaks to be ready for any opportunity. Resume customization is important to make it relevant to the job description and the company’s needs. Little tweaks can have a big rewards.

Branding: Personal Reflection - Getting to Know YOU - Reality vs. Perceptions

Here’s another helpful  approach to do a deeper dive on who you are and what you may want to highlight in your personal brand.   It's called a Fascination Personality Test which is a new way to measure how people perceive your communication style.  This test was developed by Sally Hogshead, who is known as a World-class branding expert. You can take the personality test for free at:  http://www.howtofascinate.com

Branding: Personal Reflection - Making It Happen

As we continue our series on branding and taking that first step of reflection, we feature another one of our listeners who highlights an additional tool to identify what you really want from life both professionally and personally and how it all fits together.

In this ONE OFFs segment, our buddy Betsy talks about how she leveraged two books:  Design the "Life You Love" by Ayse Birsel and "Life by Design" by Miranda Hersey to begin her journey in figuring out what she wants and to reduce the level of anxiety and paralysis she initially felt.  Click on the “O.F.F. Toolkit” navigation bar for direct links to the books’ website.

Branding: Personal Reflection - A Great Place to Start

We are starting a series on branding and before you can create your brand it’s good to take a step back and reflect.  What is it that you really want from life both professionally and personally and how it all fits together.

In this episode, we talk about personal reflection with one of our listeners who shares their experience and what worked for them.  We’re calling these listener segments: ONE OFFs. The key technique that helped Suzy Gladys was a personal casita (little house in Spanish) which she adopted from her work experience.

Personal Casita -- Visual Representation of Your Personal Strategic Plan which includes:

  • Roof: Your Vision Statement

  • Structure: Your Key Strategies

  • Pillars: You r Areas of Focus and Activities Holding Up Your Structure

Click on "O.F.F. Toolkit" in our website navigation bar for a visual and more info on how to use a Personal Casita.

The Aftermath... The Complexity Continues

In this episode, we discuss the emotions and complexity that comes after you’ve left your company around health insurance, severance, financial instruments such as 401K, pensions, etc. and getting your financial house in order.

It can be more overwhelming then hearing the news that you’ve been severed. It's a lot to deal with while trying to figure out your career options and opportunities.  We both had to put some of our job searching activities on hold to get some of it done.

Resource:  www.finra.org - An independent resource for information on financial investment and where you can do a Broker Check.

Reality Bites... But You Can Bite Back

When Reality Hits, those first days of not going back to work, can unleash a range of emotions. Each individual will experience this moment differently, and that was the case for us.  Our emotions and perspectives ran the gamut from utter despair to relief to the anticipation of new beginnings.  

Many immediately think of the negatives but we realized that there can be many positives as you let go, close that door,  allowing you to open a better one.

Navigating the Transition Maze - Keeping the Confusion to a Minimum

It's a new world out there when looking for a new job or opportunity.  It can be difficult to navigate the networking maze, leaving you dazed and confused.  Everything is on-line and real-time.  Because of this complexity and constant bombardment, it is important that you get support and resources to help through the process and transitioning to this new way of job searching.  We hope our Episode 4: Dazed and Confused, provides you with some insight and learning to get you started and lets you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Job Loss - This Shit Is Not Easy

In this week's podcast, we discuss further about our journey to navigate job loss focusing on the up and down emotions that immediately follow and what helped us to get through the transition: resume writing, checklist development, changing technology, and building a support system.

Leaving our internal networks, connection, projects and work behind leaves you with a roller coast effect of emotions.  But focusing on some immediate actions helped us the rougher spots.

Getting started right away from dusting off one's resume to a full resurrection allows you to take the first step towards moving on.  We go over some tips and tricks to consider when getting your resume ready for the external world. 

Checklists are a terrific way to keep you focused and emotionally sane by giving you goals and actions when checked off give you a sense of accomplishment and forward movement.

With a help of a "buddy" or friends and family to share what you're experiencing keeps you in a positive frame of mind, especially through the low moments during the transition.

Total Dependency is Never a Good Thing!

It never hits you on how dependent you are until you have to severe the ties.  You get smacked in the face and have very little time to adjust.  You might be thinking we're talking about a personal relationship but we're talking about a relationship with a company.  We didn't realize how much we relied on our company for so many things, from identify to technology.  In Episode 2: Co-dependency - When Its Too Much, we go through our experience to unshackle the chains we had tethered to our company.  Come share the journey by listening to our podcast via iTunes, Google Play, Facebook or Spreaker.com.  Listen in!

OMG! - We've Launched

We're excited to announce the launch of our weekly podcast that chronicles our journey from the first day we found out we were let go, through the following weeks and months.  We are hoping to help others who may be going through the same experience and to let them know... your're not alone.

You're not alone in feeling self-doubt, insecurity, anxiety, sadness, anger and probably a whole bunch more.  But knowing that there are others out there and how you can turn it around to a positive experience with an outlook toward, when one door closes, a better opens up for you.

Our first Episode - OMG! Shows the raw emotions we were feeling at the time we heard the news.

Let us know what you think, provide feedback and suggestions as we share our journey with you through our website blog, facebook page or email us.